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What we do

We build you cutting edge technology, at realistic prices.


We are your innovation partner:

We work with you to realize your project whether you are looking for a functioning prototype or a fully built solution. We’ll work with you to identify the best technology – from tech stack to scope, validate it with an MVP for investors and users, and then build your solution.

Resource Outsourcing

We are your tech team:

We bring in who you need when you need them, fully managed, with a dedicated project manager, shadow developers (so the work never stops) and tight QA. We ensure nothing gets lost in translation with layers of documentation to back up your journey. The IP is always yours.


We are your designers:

From website to platforms and Apps, the User Experience and User Interface is crucial.

We work with expert designers in the UK and Offshore to deliver the optimal user journey for your project.

How it Works

We have a tried and tested method of getting projects completed and teams enhanced. For half of what you spend now (with your onshore team) we’ll deliver technology that surpasses all your expectations.

Together we produce a very detailed Functional Requirements Document to develop and finalize the tech stack and scope. Followed by a Design Requirements Document to understand the UI/UX. Finally, and as we work, there is a Technical Specifications Document which is the encyclopedia of your project’s underlying technology. 

There are fortnightly stand-ups (or more if you want) for enhanced visibility and transparency, and we are always available with round the clock support.


We work on any platform

Android, iOS, web systems, ML and AI, we build it all. Our team consists of specialists across most languages including JavaScript, .NET, PHP, Flutter, Python, C#, C++ and if necessary we can bring on other specialists.  

We like to encourage new talent because coding is constantly evolving and curious young minds can create extraordinary work. 

After Care: Keeping the show on the road

We maintain your systems with bug fixes, updates and overhauls providing 24 hour care to ensure a smooth and reliable service. Even if we did not build your system, we’ll still protect and keep your digital assets alive, which reduces downtime and ultimately saves you money. 

Who we are

We are a UK tech company who decided they needed their own offshore tech team. We’ve worked together for over half a decade, bringing more than fifty years of cumulative experience in different industries ranging from Health care and Luxury Brands to Manufacturing and Financial Services. 

We’ve nailed the art of outsourcing, by removing cultural and linguistic barriers and bringing transparency to the process.   


Management Team

Saad Bin Khalid

CTO & Co-Founder 

Henrietta Wallace

CEO & Co-Founder 

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