Case Study

Premium Flyer Guest Experience

A premium Flyer Lounge experience enhanced with technology, AI and predictability models.

Languages used: .Net, JavaScript, SWIFT



The Problem

Legacy System and Customer Experience

A leading U.S airline wished to upgrade their customer experience in their premium Flyer Lounges. They needed technology which would work with their current legacy systems and identify guests, welcome them and suggest available amenities. It also needed a virtual queue system that could monitor shower availability and offer them based on the customer’s travel plans. They also needed their current systems to sync with the new application and kiosk, ensuring smooth interoperability across the system.



Revolutionising Customer Experience


A team of 26 was assembled which included flutter and .Net developers working together with the client’s Project Managers. The system was built on time and on budget and was able to register clients from the Kiosk or Mobile App. Infrared sensors were placed in the bathrooms and, using Machine Learning (ML), learnt to understand the difference between the showers being used, unused or undergoing maintenance. The new system was also able to request feedback and illustrate it analytically.


How it’s going

Frequent flyer predictability models are currently being developed which will predict the customers most likely to get a frequent flyer membership, as well as provide more in-depth data on their premium customers’ habits and their needs, to further improve the customer experience. We’ve also included the ability for staff members to get a notification letting them know who the traveler is, creating a much more luxurious travel experience.