Case Study

Auto Insurance Platform

A comprehensive system merging clients, agents and providers all organized on a single platform with app.

Languages used: Flutter, JavaScript



The Problem

Multiple Independent Systems

The client, an insurance claims agent, had to use multiple systems to receive claims, process them, gather documentation, and then send them out to the individual insurance companies he worked with. This process was time consuming, prone to human error and expensive with all of the systems working in silos. There was a team of 15 handling admin, sales and managing a lot of the manual processing, reducing the amount of time they could spend in the field working with clients and building the business. They also had a small tech team of 4 resources that were primarily keeping the multiple systems functioning. 



Revolutionising Insurance


A single point of contact for all insurance claims, one platform that could handle everything from the moment a claim was initiated, to documentation gathering and sorting to a smooth customer journey through a dedicated app. The client booked a development team of 8 people that built the entire system, as well as dedicated apps for the agents, with geo-tagging, a dashboard with custom reports and vendor portals. With the ability to directly sync the platform to existing claim management systems used by providers. 


How it’s going

We are now well into the development of a white-label version where the system can be offered to different providers as well. The Apps have geo-tagging capabilities which has allowed the client to assign regions, or cases to individual agents and provides valuable data for agent management. 

Revenues have soared since, all admin work is now automated and focus can be redirected towards optimal customer service. This has seen a growth of 65%, with reduced costs on the tech.