Case Study

TapTap Medic

An end to end healthcare management system fit for national, local and individual provider level.

Complete with a patient app.

The Problem

Inequality in Healthcare

Growing economies have a very high mortality rate due to clustered, confusing and mis-managed healthcare systems. In many developing countries, where the largest portion of the global population reside, there is no access to advanced healthcare. Patients’ medical records are either stored in silos or are exclusively paper based.

There is a huge lack of awareness, with patients often being misdiagnosed.


Revolutionising Healthcare


We built TapTap Medic, a state of the art healthcare management system, that offers individual and interconnected systems for hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies and private practice doctors. It is capable of providing national level health records. With the patient app, TapTap Medic gives back control to patients allowing them to carry their medical records with them across borders. Their caregivers can communicate with them with custom notifications exclusive to their medical conditions and history. 


How it’s going

What started as an idea to drastically change the healthcare landscape and provide equality in healthcare, TapTap Medic, has more than 50,000 active users across 5 countries, impacting over 250,000 lives.

With laboratory and pharmacy chains across the Middle East, Hospitals and private practice clinics across South East Asia and West Africa, the dream of equity and equality in healthcare is becoming a reality. 

Lives Impacted


Active Systems


Cost Reduction